University Assessment Council

The University Assessment Council (UAC) includes representatives from the University’s Colleges, Student Life, and Libraries and is supported by the offices of Institutional Effectiveness and Institutional Research and Assessment. The UAC represents those entities that engage directly with students and are primarily responsible for student learning through direct instruction, student support, and/or academic support.


Jon Acker, Coordinator for Student Assessment | Office of Institutional Research and Assessment
Ginger Bishop, Assistant Provost| Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Ross Bryan, Assistant Dean | Honors College
Joy Burnham, Senior Associate Dean | College of Education
Chris Coleman, Interim Director | Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Committee Chair
Allison CuringtonDirector of Faculty Development | Office for Academic Affairs
Andre Denham, Associate Dean of the Graduate School |
Sebrena Jackson, Associate Dean | School of Social Work
Deidre Leaver-Dunn, Assistant Dean | College of Human Environmental Sciences
Grace Lee, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs | School of Law
Wilson Lowrey, Professor | College of Communication & Information Sciences
Joyce Meyer, Director of Assurance of Learning | Culverhouse College of Commerce
Michele Montgomery, Associate Dean | Capstone College of Nursing
Albert Pionke, Assistant Dean of General Education | College of Arts & Sciences
Cecil Robinson, Assoc. Professor and Director of Learning Resources and Evaluation | College of Community Health Sciences
Shae Robinson, Director | Student Life Assessment & Planning
Jennifer Roth-Burnette, Director of Academic Support | Capstone Center for Student Success
Tim Salazar, Director of Data and Analytics | College of Continuing Studies
Lance Simpson, Assistant Professor and Librarian | University Libraries
Rachel Thompson, Director | Faculty Resource Center
Kevin Walker, Head of Assessment and Government Information | University Libraries
Derek Williamson, Interim Associate Dean for Undergraduate and Graduate Programs | College of Engineering
Akeisha Young, Director of Accreditation and Assessment | College of Education