Taskstream AMS

The Taskstream Accountability Management System (AMS) is used to manage and document outcomes assessment and other institutional effectiveness and student success initiatives.

The AMS platform within the Taskstream suite of tools is used primarily by departmental and other participating areas’ (e.g., Student Affairs) assessment coordinators and technical staff. Accessing Taskstream AMS requires an AMS account. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) can set up AMS accounts and provide assessment coordinators with the information necessary to access the AMS system. AMS accounts are associated with the appropriate participating area(s) (e.g. academic program, non-instructional division, etc.).

AMS accounts may also be assigned to special project coordinators on an as needed basis for collection and evaluation of data for assessment of those projects.

Below are several links to resources that provide help in navigating or using the features in the Taskstream AMS platform:

Taskstream AMS Instructional Videos

Taskstream AMS Tutorial 

YouTube channel of short Taskstream videos on various topics 

Submitting an Annual Report for Review

Taskstream Guides

AMS Overview

AMS Quick Start

If you are a new assessment coordinator, technician or special project coordinator and require a Taskstream AMS account, or if you need additional assistance with Taskstream AMS, contact OIE at oie@ua.edu.