The University of Alabama uses Taskstream as a tool for conducting and documenting assessment/institutional effectiveness activities and as an electronic portfolio platform. In order to access Taskstream, you need to be an enrolled user. 

Account creation and log in information for:

AMS accounts (mostly assessment coordinators/technicians):

If you are a new assessment coordinator/technician and need access, you need to contact us at 348-2748 or We will be happy to set up an AMS account for you. Once enrolled, AMS users can log onto Taskstream  AMS (assessment system) using the link below:

Log into Taskstream AMS (assessment) 

There are additional AMS login links at the bottom of the UA home page and on the myBama Employee tab. If you experience log in difficulties, please contact OIE at  348-2748 or

LAT accounts (faculty access to personal portfolio creation) :

If you are a  faculty or staff member and wish to create your own personal ePortfolio to showcase work, create a resume, or other use, you may create a Taskstream LAT account for yourself through Blackboard. In addition, if you are an AMS account holder and wish to have access to the LAT (ePortfolio) platform, you can turn on access through Blackboard as well.

Creating and logging into Taskstream LAT (ePortfolios) through Blackboard

LAT coordinator accounts (faculty access to Direct Response Portfolio creation) :

For access to Taskstream LAT Direct Response Portfolio platform (for feedback and assessment/evaluation of student work and/or learning outcomes), please contact OIE at  348-2748 or

Taskstream Aqua accounts (for assessment projects involving work samples not submitted via LAT):

Taskstream Aqua is a separate web-based platform that has a different login portal: For access to Taskstream Aqua, please contact OIE at  348-2748 or

Taskstream training:

The OIE staff periodically conducts training workshops on the use of the Taskstream platforms. Please check the Calendar tab for current dates and times of these workshops. In addition, the OIE staff is available for individualized or group training. To schedule an individual or special group training session, contact OIE at

Additional information on Taskstream AMS and LAT platforms:

Taskstream AMS

Taskstream LAT: ePortfolios