Our Mission

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness supports The University of Alabama community in a meaningful, measurable, and manageable process of quality improvement

Our Vision

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness strives to:

  • support a culture of intellectual curiosity among all faculty, staff, and students
  • facilitate the collection and use of evidence to answer the questions, “How can we achieve what we want to achieve?” and “How well did we achieve it?”
  • promote academic excellence
  • lead the state, nation, and global community in the use and development of planning and evaluation best practices

Our Values


We begin our work by listening and by meeting our clients where they are. OIE holds in high regard the diverse knowledge, skills, and abilities that students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, and other stakeholders bring to the planning and evaluation process.


At its core, ensuring the quality of UA activities and outcomes requires teamwork, dialogue, positivity, and reciprocity. We deeply believe that we are “all in this together” and we bring this orientation (and a bit of chocolate) to what we do.


Honesty, fairness and accountability guide our actions, as we seek to deliver information and services that benefit individuals, units, and the institution.


The process of meeting internal and external goals and requirements can be a complicated one. We strive to provide the UA community with timely and relevant information, and we use multiple modes of communication in our outreach and documentation activities.


OIE is committed to using our collective expertise to deliver quality consultation, support and outcomes to our clients. We celebrate the intellectual curiosity and orientation toward excellence that defines the Capstone, and recognize exemplary institutional effectiveness practices at all levels.