Taskstream LAT: ePortfolios

Taskstream Learning Achievement Tools (LAT) is a cloud-based platform for electronic portfolios (ePortfolios) . Currently, Taskstream is licensed to provide all University of Alabama faculty, staff and students the ability to create and publish ePortfolios. Taskstream LAT allows the user to collect, store and publish a variety of documents such as student artifacts, resumes and reflections, as well as videos, pictures, and other digital records of educational experiences. For faculty and staff, the Direct Response Folio (DRF) option within Taskstream LAT can be used as a powerful tool for assessment and evaluation.

Taskstream LAT facilitates the design and publication of engaging, meaningful ePortfolios in two main ways:

  1. The DRF option allows faculty and staff to coordinate feedback and assessment/evaluation of student work and/or learning outcomes using customized rubrics.
  2. The personal (showcase) portfolio option allows students, faculty and staff to create and publish their own career, presentation, or resume portfolio. Anyone with a Taskstream user account is able to create an unlimited number of personal portfolios. As an example, a student might create one personal portfolio to house course work and another personal portfolio to showcase any exemplary work he or she may wish to present to a future employer or use with a graduate school application. A faculty member may wish to create a personal portfolio to store his or her CV.


Why not create an eportfolio or web page to help you prepare for job interviews, showcase skills, share lessons learned during study abroad, student activities, research projects, and other experiences! All current UA students have the opportunity to use Taskstream LAT to create as many personalized eportfolios or web pages as you need at no cost.

Accessing Taskstream LAT for eportfolios

Faculty and Staff

To get started, make sure you have an LAT account.

The following guide will walk you through the process of setting up a Taskstream LAT account via Blackboard if:

  • you already have an AMS account but need LAT access turned on (this would most likely include assessment coordinators)
  • you want to create a new Taskstream LAT account through Blackboard

Creating a Taskstream LAT Account via Blackboard

Other Taskstream guides for Faculty and Staff:

Logging into Taskstream

Quick Start Guide for Folios and Web pages (pdf)   or   Folios & Web pages: Getting Started (video)

Initiating a DRF LAT Project

LAT Resources and Guides

Resources on ways to use and construct eportfolios

ePortfolio Resources

If you need additional assistance with creating or using your Taskstream LAT account, please contact oie@ua.edu, or you may access the Taskstream Support web page at help.taskstream.com/.